I have had a rich and serendipitous life. Stuff happens to me. I am convinced that my service work harnesses the “magic” of the natural world. In this respect, service has been my soul’s guidance system – my “Commander of Coincidence”.

Whether it’s being arrested on the Mongolia/Siberia border, busting a child-prostitution ring in Kathmandu, burying myself underground, locating the “Lost Falls of the Brahmaputra” in Tibet, being arrested by the Communist Chinese, mountain biking through Bolivia and the badlands of Mexico’s Sierra Madres, closing bountiful real estate transactions, structuring outlandish Extreme Sport/Extreme Karma events or building a residential community for displaced families on the border, mine has been a life of adventure and service. It has been a life worth living.

The author Maya Angelou once said:

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

These are my stories.

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